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Bluehost vs. TMDHOSTING

Fast Page Load Speed

If you’re going to decide between Bluehost and TMDHosting, there is one thing you must consider. And that one thing is the average full page load speed. A page that loads faster will rank on Google searches better, and that will invariably translate into more views for you. That’s why the kind of web host you choose to host your site with can determine, to a great extent, how successful your site becomes.

Bluehost Full Page Load Speed

Our Bluehost site didn’t surprise us at all. We always knew that Bluehost was one of the fastest web hosts on the market, and when we recorded an average full load speed of 1.1 seconds for your website we were not surprised. Besides the normal website-hosting, Bluehost also managed to impress us when it came to hosting our free apps on their servers.

TMDHosting Full Page Load Speed

Although not quite as good as Bluehost’s, TMDHOSTING also managed to post decent full page load speed. At 1.5 seconds it was definitely slower than Bluehost, but it was faster than a lot of other web hosts.

Bluehost vs. TMDHosting; Pricing And Value Comparison

Web hosts offer a lot of packages and tiers of plans. Some of these plans cost a great deal of money, and purchasing the right one can be a difficult choice to make. However, if you know a few simple things it shouldn’t be difficult for you.

First off, you must know what you want. How many sites do you plan on publishing? How heavy will the sites be? How many visitors do you expect per month?

Secondly, you must know what’s on offer. How many sites can you get with a particular plan? What of storage? How about extra security features?

The third thing you must understand is how much you can afford. It would be foolhardy to purchase a plan that costs $10 per month when you cannot afford it.

We’ll be comparing the prices of shared hosting plans because it’s the plan you’re most likely to get. If you won’t be expecting millions of visitors per month, you shouldn’t get anything stronger than a shared hosting package.

Entry Level Plans Comparison; Basic plan vs. Starter Plan

The Basic plan of Bluehost comes with 1 website, 50 GB of storage space, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, 1 included domain, 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains. The plan costs $2.95 per month.

The Starter plan of TMDHosting, on the other hand, comes with one website, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and costs  $2.95 per month.

Both plans are amazing entry point plans, and they cover the basics pretty well. While one might say the Starter plan of TMDHosting is the best plan because it comes with unlimited storage, it’s also important to know that the Basic plan comes with 50 GB of storage. For a single website, that’s really just as good as an unlimited plan.

Medium Tier Plan; Plus Plans vs. Business Plan

Bluehost has two medium-tier plans and they are the Plus plan and Choice Plus plans. On the surface, both plans are strikingly similar and actually cost the same. However, the Choice Plus is quite different from the Plus plan in at least two ways. First off, it has at least one more security feature, and secondly, it costs a bit more to renew.

The Plus plan comes with unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, standard performance, unlimited domains, unlimited parked domains, unlimited subdomains, Spam Experts and 1 Office 365 Mailbox— free for thirty days. The plan costs $5.45 per month for an initial three-year plan and renews at $10.99

The Choice Plus plan has all the features of the Plus plan plus Site Backup in the form of Codeguard Basic. Additionally, instead of renewing at $10.99, the plan renews at $14.99.

The Business plan of TMDHosting shows that it means business (of course, it does) by coming with unlimited SSD space, unlimited websites, premium support, unlimited bandwidth, and double the performance of the Starter plan. All these you can get at a grand prize of $4.95 per month.

TMDHosting’s Business plan is certainly cheaper than the Plus plans and is a rather good plan. It comes with a lot of unlimited features (at least on the important things like storage, bandwidth and sites) and it costs just under five dollars. However, it fails to come with extra security features, and since you’ll eventually have to buy these features eventually, the plan may actually cost you more money than the Plus plans of Bluehost.

However, despite that, I would choose the TMDHosting’s Business plan over the Plus plan of Bluehost. Why? The Plus plan offers very little value in contrast to price, and the Choice Plus is definitely the superior plan because it offers more at more or less the same price.

So basically, the Business plan is better than the Plus plan, and the Choice Plus plan is better than both.

Top Tier Plan; Pro Plan vs. Enterprise Plan

The Pro plan of Bluehost comes with unlimited websites, unlimited storage, Domain Privacy + Protection, Codeguard Basic for site backup, a dedicated IP, unlimited domains, Spam Expert, free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth and 1 Office 365 Mailbox free for thirty days. The plan costs $13.95 per month.

The Enterprise plan of TMDHosting, on the other hand, comes with unlimited websites, unlimited storage, free domain, premium support, Wildcard SSL certificate, Opcache, and three times the performance of the Starter plan. This plan costs $7.95 per month

Is there any difference between the Business plan and Enterprise plans of TMDHosting? Asides the fact that the Enterprise plan has triple normal performance levels, there’s really not much to see. That means that if you won’t be creating a lot of sites, you should just go for the Business plan if you have to choose TMDHosting.

However, with Bluehost’s Pro plan, the case is different. The Pro plan is certainly stronger than the Choice Plus plan and it comes with even more security features. All these come at the ridiculously cheap price of  $13.95 per month. If you’re going to go for a top tier plan, you should go for the Pro package of Bluehost. It’s definitely streets ahead of the Enterprise plan of TMDHosting.

The Right Host For You

Bluehost is a faster web host than TMDHosting. Ordinarily, that one fact should make you choose Bluehost. But if it doesn’t, here’s another fact for you; Bluehost has better-structured plans than TMDHosting.

Of course, the entry-level plan of TMDHosting is great (although when you consider the fact that Bluehost’s Basic plan offers more or less the same value for more or less the same price and with better performance, things start to look fuzzy) and if you did get it, you’d probably not be making a bad decision. But that’s where it ends really for TMDHosting. Of course, the Business plan would be a good piece of business if you took it over the Plus plan of Bluehost, but that means little because the Plus plan is Bluehost’s weakest plan in terms of value for money.And you would still be short-changing yourself as the Choice Plus plan costs almost the same thing.

The fact that Bluehost is faster than TMDHosting and posts better number makes things even clearer. From a standpoint of value for money and performance, the only TMDHosting plan that you should buy if you really, for whatever reason, want to get a TMDHosting plan is the Starter plan. On all other bases, Bluehost plans are far ahead.


TMDHosting is a rather similar host to Bluehost. Both hosts have decent customer support, security, and even good uptime. Importantly, TMDHosting has a 60 days money-back guarantee which is longer than what most hosts offer. A lot of people also love TMDHosting because all their plans come with unlimited storage, and they have really low prices. For example, their most expensive shared hosting plan goes for just under 8 dollars. Bluehost’s most expensive shared hosting plan goes for just under 14 dollars.

Basically, if you purchase a TMDHosting plan in lieu of Bluehost, you wouldn’t be making a terribly bad decision. However, you should know that Bluehost is a significantly faster host and that Bluehost’s plans are more appropriately priced. TMDHosting’s plans may not have the greatest value, but they have sufficiently low enough prices to entice more people.

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