Bluehost vs. Hostgator: Which Provider Is Better?

Choosing the right web host provider is more than just important. If you made a wise decision, you would get faster loading times, better rank on search engine result pages and more stable service. There is no need to add that there are many, different providers, but today we will be focused on Hostgator and Bluehost. Which is better?

History of Hostgator vs. Bluehost

Hostgator were founded in 2002, they host over 1.3 million websites and they are located in Houston, Texas. They are owned by Endurance International Group. The same company owns Bluehost. However, they are located in Provo, Utah, they have 700 employees and they host 1.2 million websites. They were founded back in 2003.

The first provider offers their services separately and there are no many similarities with Bluehost. They also don’t have a lot of sister companies, while Bluehost has FastDomain, HostMonster and iPage. Sister companies refer to similar providers, owned by the same company which offers similar services.

If we take a look at the websites, we can see that Hostgator has one of the most unique and the most original websites present on the web. It is loaded with details and the theme is specifically designed for this provider. Bluehost has a more common website. It is similar to other companies of the same kind and it is more modern. Both sites are easy to use, but Hostgator is slightly better!

Plans and prices

One of the biggest questions you may have right now is which services and prices Hostgator and Bluehost offer. They are similar, but far from the same and the list of services is more than just long. We will try to make them look simpler for you to comprehend.

With Hostgator, it is $2.75 per month and it refers to basic hosting, suitable for a blog or an average website. This is the basic offer and it refers to shared hosting. Shared hosting means that several of you will use the same server. Bluehost is slightly more expensive with $3.95, with the entry-level offer, but you do get a free domain. When it comes to the rest of the offers, we can see that there are plenty of options.

  • Web hosting

Web hosting is the first, introductory service list offered by both providers. Hostgator offers several plans. This service is designed for beginners and average users who need easy and affordable hosting as soon as possible. It starts with $2.75 per month, which will get you single domain, simple installation and etc. The name of the offer is the hatchling plan. Baby play is more expensive, but it comes with unlimited domains. This is the main difference compared to the hatchling plan. The price is $3.95 per month. Bandwidth is unmetered in both cases and it also refers to the third option. For $5.95 per month, you can have Business plan. It offers unlimited domains, one click WordPress installation and more, such as free SEO tools, dedicated IP and upgrade to Positive SSL. All of these plans are currently available with 60% discount. The discount may be decreased or changed in the near future. Bluehost also offers several options. Shared is the first option you can choose. It costs $3.95 ($7.99) per month and it is suitable for a new blog or a website with a low or average amount of traffic. It is the option that will get you online the quickest. VPS is the second package which costs $19.99 ($29.99) per month and it is ideal for a new website which expects to get high amounts of traffic. If you have serious plans, this is an option for you. Dedicated is the ultimate offer and it costs $79.99 ($119.99) per month. We recommend it for users who already have existing websites with a massive amount of traffic and want to switch to Bluehost. In the brackets are actual prices, while the mentioned prices are with the discount available at the moment.

  • WordPress

Both companies offer WordPress hosting, which is reserved for users who want to develop a website which is based on this platform. Hostgator is the first one to explain. It starts with the Starter plan which is $5.95 per month and you get one website, up to 100.000 visitors per month of supported traffic and 1 GB of backups. This plan is currently at a discount of 40%. Basic is the first plan offered by Bluehost, with a price of $3.95 per month ($7.99). You get a single website and 50GB of space.

Hostgator also offers a Standard plan which is at a discount of 50% and you get two websites, 200K supported traffic and 2GB of backups. It will cost you $7.95 per month. Here is the Bluehost equivalent. Plus will cost you $5.95 ($10.99) per month and you get unlimited websites and unlimited space. The last plans are Business offered by Hostgator and Plus, provided by Bluehost. Business plan is the best and the most expensive at $9.95 per month. It is currently at a discount of 57%. We liked the ability to host 3 websites, get 3GB of storage and support for 500K traffic. Plus (Bluehost) will cost you $5.95 ($14.99) and you get the same features as with the previous plan, but you also get a free backup and 1 domain privacy. With all Hostgator plans, you get 2.5 times faster speed and free migrations (you can move your old website to the new hosting for free).

Here we can add that Bluehost has two additional categories in the WordPress department. They are:

  1. WordPress Pro

Build is the first plan here and it costs $19.99 ($29.99) per month. It is essential for creating a professional website based on WordPress. You also get 100 premium themes, malware protection, marketing center and etc.

Grow cost $29.99 ($39.99) per month and you will get all in the previous plan with SEO tools, 10GB video compression and more. It is designed for more advanced WP websites.

Scale cost $49.99 ($59.99) per month and it includes all mentioned in the first 2 plans alongside live chat, PayPal integration and unlimited video compression.

  1. Woo Commerce

This set of plans is mandatory or desirable at least if you are planning to start an online store. It begins with the starter plan which cost $6.95 ($13.99) per month. You get $50 for marketing, one store and 100GB of SSD space.

Plus cost $8.95 ($17.99) per month. You get the ability to host an unlimited number of stores, unlimited SSD storage and $100 for marketing purposes.

Pro cost $12.95 ($31.99) per month. You will get the same benefits as in the previous plan alongside $200 for marketing purposes, CodeGuard Backup Basic and SEO tools.

  • Plans for more advanced websites

If you already have a website which gets a high amount of traffic as we speak, you will need a more advanced plan, suitable for the site of this kind. If you choose Hostgator, you will find that VPS hosting is a great choice. It is reserved for intermediate users and professionals. It is designed for those who need versatile and advanced hosting. It all starts with Snappy 2000 which is $29.95 per month and which will get you 2GB of RAM, 2 core processor, 120GB of space and 1.5 TB bandwidth. The discount is available at the moment and it is massive 75%. Bluehost offers the same plan. VPS costs $19.99 ($29.99) per month and it is ideal for a new website which expects to get high amounts of traffic. If you have serious plans, this is an option for you.

Let’s just add that Hostgator also offers 2 additional plans suitable for high-traffic websites. Snappy 4000 will cost you $39.95 per month and you get 4GB of RAM, 2 core CPU, 165 GB of space and 2TB of bandwidth. The discount available is also 75%. Snappy 8000 will cost you $49.95 per month and it comes with a discount available of 73%. You will get 8GB of RAM, 4 core CPU, 240GB of space and 3TB of bandwidth.

  • Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting refers to the ability to have your personal server. Only your website will be hosted there, which improves loading speeds, stability and decreases the risk of possible issues. Hostgator has three options. Value server is the first option with a price of $119 per month. You get Intel Xeon-D CPU (it is the same for all three plans), 8GB of RAM, 1TB of space and unmetered bandwidth. It is also available for all plans alongside with the option to choose between Linux and Windows OS. The discount is 37%. Power server is $139 per month and you get 8 core CPU, 16GB RAM, 2TB of space or 512 GB of SSD and the advanced features mentioned earlier. The discount is 44%. Enterprise server is the most expensive and the most sophisticated. The cost is $149 per month. You will get 8 core CPU, 30GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD and all with 48% discount. On the other hand, Bluehost has one option only. Dedicated is the ultimate offer and it costs $79.99 ($119.99) per month.

  • Cloud hosting

The next combination of offers Hostgator has to offer is cloud hosting. It refers to a cloud-based system which is 2 times faster than standard hosting. You also get 4 times more resources. The name of the plans is the same as with web hosting. As such, we have the first plan which is the hatchling plan. It is $4.95 per month and you get 2GB of memory, dual-core processor and a single domain.

Baby cloud is the next plan with unlimited domains, 4GB of memory and 4 core processor. The price is $6.57 per month.

Business cloud is $9.95 per month and it will get you unlimited domains, 6 GB of memory, 6 core processor, free SEO tools, dedicated IP and free upgrade to Positive SSL.

Right now, all of these plans are available with 45%.

The main differences are the process both providers offer so we had to look at them closely. The bottom line is that Hostgator has slightly more plans and advantages to offer. They are also better with offering cloud hosting and dedicated server features. Bluehost is more desirable for Woo Commerce and for WordPress websites. They simply have more plans which will most users find interesting.

Usability, uptime, and speed

Usability, uptime and speed are three main factors to consider when looking for a new hosting provider. We tested both of them in detail and now we will offer you a complete and direct comparison.

  • Usability

Usability is similar if not identical. Both providers have advanced and well-developed websites where you will find all the offers, services and etc. However, Hostgator is slightly more complicated to navigate and it may be confusing for beginners. Bluehost is easier and slightly better for new users.

Keep in mind that both providers use cPanel which is used to upload and manage websites. cPanel is great and the most common alternative out there.

  • Uptime

Uptime refers to the overall availability of a website per year. For instance, if the uptime is 99.9% it means that in one year, your website will be unavailable 8 hours and 45 minutes. On the other hand, if it is 99.99% it means your website will be unavailable for 57 minutes per year.

Here we can see that the uptime for Hostgator and Bluehost is the same. Both of these providers provide uptime of 99.99% which is above average. You can still find a provider which offers an uptime of 100% per year, but they are reserved for companies and they cost far more than any of the plans these two companies offer.

  • Speed

Speed can be explained as the time needed for your computer to load a website. In the case with Hostgator, the speed is 691 ms, which is impressive. This provider is faster than 94% other providers. The loading time refers to ordinary plans. Invest in Cloud hosting and you will get even faster loading time. Bluehost requires 1.24 seconds to load a site and it is faster than 84% of competitors.

The bottom line for this section is that Hostgator is faster and more complicated to use, suitable for intermediate users or professionals. Bluehost is easier to use and it comes with same uptime as Hostgator. But, it will require more time to load site.

Customer support

Support is more important for hosting providers than you may believe. If you have an issue on your site is down, you will want to solve it as soon as possible. That’s why support must be outstanding. How these two providers rate?

Bluehost is known for advanced support. All you have to do is to go to the contact page and choose the desired option. You can call them or start a live chat. In the lack of a better word, the support is professional and above the average. Although Bluehost has outstanding customer support, Hostgator is slightly better. They are also available 24/7 and you can call them or send them an email. Live chat is available as well. But, they also have a massive database available on the forums and provide video tutorials. As such, the support is more advanced than with Bluehost and therefore slightly better.

The final word

In the end, all we can say is that both providers are above the average. They are considered as some of the biggest and the most popular hosting companies in the world. However, they are not equal. We believe that Bluehost is more focused on beginner and intermediate users with corresponding requirements. Also, the price is more affordable. All of this made it superb for users who simply want a new website for all kinds of purpose. We must add that they are also better for those who are planning to open the Woo Commerce store. Hostgator is more advanced and therefore more expensive. It is ideal for users who need superior hosting and they are ready to pay for it. They are also better choice if you are looking for the higher speed possible.



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