Best Projector Under 600

Are you looking for a new projector? If you want solid quality but a lower price you should consider best projector under 600. You can find lots of features in this price range but it’s still much cheaper than projectors costing $1000 or $2000. Here are some of the best options:


#1 Nebula Mars Portable Cinema, Home Theater, Multi-media Player

Anker is a Chinese electronics company founded in 2011 and is named after the German word used for “anchor.” Here are some of the features of the option for best home theater projector under 600:


  1. Audio

The projector includes JBL Audio with 10W speakers. This is enough power for just about any type of room and produces enough sound to pair with the projector’s images.


  1. Image/Brightness

The projector produces 800-=pixel resolution and enhanced contrast. This provides crisp and clear daytime images. It also includes a 3000-lumen lamp for high brightness. These are both plusses that produce better images.


  1. Warranty/Support

The projector includes a 1-year warranty and customer service. This helps to add value to your projector.


  1. Wireless

This feature allows you to stream wirelessly to iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. This is a key feature since it allows you to stream content to your projector quickly and easily. This is definitely one of the top features of the unit.


  1. Battery

This Nebula projector provides a 19500 mAh battery, which provides extended viewing. In fact, the viewing time of 3 hours of non-stop viewing is quite high for compact projectors. This allows you to show long movies and sporting events. This is definitely a plus over most compact projectors that only allow about 2 hours of viewing.




#2Optoma HD142X

Optoma is a worldwide corporation that was founded in 2002. It produces various audio/visual solutions including projectors. Here are some of the top features of this projector:


  1. Contrast

The unit includes 23,000:1 contrast ratio. If you’re concerned about how crisp and clear the projector’s images are then this is definitely an important issue to consider. Better contrast is a plus since the images and videos you share with your friends and family will be top-notch.


  1. Full HD

This projector also supports full HD or 1080-pixels. This boosts the amount of content the unit supports and is key since the trend is towards HD/UHD content.


  1. Speaker

The projector includes a built-in 10W speaker. This helps to provide high-quality sound that pairs up effectively with the projector’s quality images. This is a major plus as it prevents the need to spend money on external speakers. The money you save could be used for other priorities you have.


  1. Lamp

The lamp life is a maximum of 8,000 hours. This would allow you to run the projector continuously for over 330 days. In other words, the lifespan is more than enough for most applications. As a result you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing the lamp sooner rather than later.


  1. Inputs

This projector includes various options in terms of inputs including USB, HDMI, and others. This is a key feature since it boosts the number of devices you can use with the product. That in turn will improve the product’s functionality.


  1. Warranty

This unit includes a 1-year limited parts warranty and 9-days for the lamp. This is always a plus since it provides insurance in case there’s some issues during the first year of ownership. Even if the manufacture and projector are quality it’s important to have coverage through a warranty just in case. This will help to protect your investment. It’s especially important when picking a mid-range unit since it will help to ensure that you’re protecting your investment effectively. Meanwhile, you don’t have that assurance when you select a unit without a warranty.


  1. Image/Brightness

This projector includes 3000 lumens, which is a plus when using the unit in dark environments. It’s important for the projector to produce enough light for optimum results. That’s why this is a good option.  The image size ranges from 66-inches to 107-inches. This provides a wide range based on the particular screen size you’re using. The range from the screen is from 8 feet to 12 feet.



Outdoor Images




Rainbow Effect


Rating: 4.5/5 stars


#3JVC Professional Series DLP Projector

Here’s a quality projector from JVC. The Japanese consumer electronics company was founded in 1927. The company is best known for Japan’s first TVs and developing VHS video recorders. Here are some of the top features of this projector:


  1. Lamp Door

This is another plus since it allows you to fix and replace the projector’s lamp easily. It’s a feature that’s not always included in projectors. However, it’s certainly a key one as it adds value to the unit. It’s always important to look for projectors that have all the features you need for your particular needs. So it’s definitely one of the main plusses of this projector.


  1. Quality

JVC has been producing quality electronics for nearly a century. When you pick products from the company you can be assured you’ll be getting top-notch quality. The price tag is a bit higher than low-end units on the market. However, in terms of the unit’s form and function it’s definitely worth spending some extra money for better quality. This will help to improve the overall experience with the projector, which is important. It can also help to reduce issues like malfunctions and repairs. Those are situations you’ll certainly want to avoid when you’re showing off images and videos to your friends and family, for example.


  1. Brightness/Contrast

This projector produces 5000 ANSI lumens so it’s one of the best options in terms of brightness. As a result you can also use the projector in environments with poor lighting, which adds more versatility to the unit. The contrast ratio of the unit is also 4000:1 so the unit also provides a crisp/clear image for your friends and family to view. These are some of the most important issues to consider when picking a projector. When the images are crisp, clear, and bright it adds to the overall quality and will produce a better viewing experience.


  1. HD

The projector also produces a widescreen resolution of 1280×800 pixels with DLP Technology. It’s also 3D-friendly. These are other important issues because they’ll also help to add to the value of the projector. Today’s content is trending towards HD/UHD and 3D. So it’s a plus when the projector can support HD and 3D images and video. It makes it a better option over other projectors that don’t include those features.


  1. Inputs

This projector also includes several options in terms of inputs including HDMI, VGA, audio, and others. It’s an important feature because it increases the number of devices that are compatible with the projector. Multiple inputs is always an important feature to look for since it increases the number of applications.


  1. Keystone/Corner Correction

This is another key feature since it makes the corrections automatically. This will help to save you time and effort. Keystone correction is one of the best features to look for when picking a projector. It adds value to this unit and makes it one of the top options if you’re looking when looking for a projector under $600. There are tons of options so it’s important to look for some of the top features in order to get the best results. That’s why you should definitely consider this unit over other options on the market.


  1. Zoom

Another feature of the projector is 1.6x wide zoom ratio. This is another key feature that allows you to zoom in to certain parts of the image or video when sharing them with your friends and family. It’s definitely one of the top features of the unit and helps to provide a better viewing experience.









Rating:  5/5 stars




#4Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA

This projector is an excellent option if you’re looking for the best 1080p projector under 600. Epson has been in business since 1942. It’s most famous for its computer printers but also manufactures other electronics like projectors. This projector includes wireless connectivity and 3200 lumens. Here are some of the top features:


  1. Brightness

The projector includes 3200 lumens for white and color light and technology for color brightness that’s 3x higher than normal. This makes it an excellent option for dark environments.


  1. Wireless

The projector has wireless connectivity so you can link it to your laptop, smartphone or tablet without using any cables.  The unit also supports Roku Streaming Stick and Chromecast so you it’s easier to share your images and videos using the projector.


  1. Quality

Epson’s projector products 1280×800 resolution and 2x higher resolution than SVGA. This makes it an excellent option for HD presentations.











Rating: 4.5/5 stars



You can find a quality best projector under 600 if you shop around. The above-mentioned models are some of the best options. The key is to consider the needs of your home or office then pick the model that matches up best with those needs.


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