Best Projector under 400

What’s the budget for your next projector? You might be surprised to learn that you can find a quality projector including the best projector under 400 at a reasonable price. The key is to know what to look for in terms of features, pros, and cons to pick the right unit. Here are some of the best options:


#1Epson Home Cinema 640

This is one of the top options if you’re searching for the best 1080p projector under 400. It includes many features including 3200 lumens color/white brightness. It can also be used as a home theater. Epson was founded in 1942 in Japan and is best known for its computer printers. However, it also produces other electronics products like projectors. The Epson Home Cinema 640 is one of the many items in its product lines and here are some of the top features:


  1. Inputs

The project includes different options in terms of inputs. That includes HDMI, RCA, audio, USB, and others. This helps to boost the number of devices you can use with the projector. As a result it adds to the versatility of the projector and makes it more practical for everyday use whether it’s at home, office, or school.


  1. Warranty

When buying any type of electronics including projectors it’s important to look for a warranty. This unit includes a 2-year limited warranty. It helps to protect your investment since you’ll have coverage for certain parts, which is definitely one of the keys to look for when purchasing a projector.


  1. Brightness

This is one of the fortes of the projector. It provides 3200 lumens, which is quite high. This is for both white and color light. This is a plus as it means it will be easier to use the project in low-level light. As a result it’s excellent in such environments for both indoor/outdoor use.









Rating: 4/5 stars

#2 WOWOTO H8 Video Projector

This projector includes many features including HD support, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, and inputs like HDMI, SD, and USB. It can also be used for several applications like movies, TV shows, sports, and gaming. Here are some top features of the projector:


  1. Built-in Android OS/Speaker

This is a plus since you won’t have to spend money purchasing exterior speakers or installing Android. It can help you save time and effort when using the projector.


  1. Applications

This projector includes several indoor/outdoor applications. They include movies, gaming, TV shows, school, office, parties, etc. This helps to add to the versatility of the projector. It’s a great option whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors.


  1. Inputs

The projector uses a wide variety of inputs. That includes HDMI, USB, and SD. This provides more options in terms of the devices you can connect the projector to. Wireless connectivity for the projector include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This allows you to access the web without the need to deal with the hassles of tons of cables. It can certainly be tough to deal with that kind of situation.


  1. Installation/Setup

This unit is very easy to set up and use. This will get you started with the projector as soon as possible. You can also use USB, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth so you won’t have to use a lot of messy cables.


  1. Platforms

This projector from Wowoto supports several platforms including Netflix, YouTube, BBC News, and others. This is definitely a plus since it gives you access to tons of content that you can project onto a screen in your home or office.


  1. Multi-Screen Sharing

This allows you to share smartphone resources via a big 180-inch screen. You can also use the projector with other devices like notebooks, tablets, PCs, and smartphones. This can be done at home or when you’re out and about.


  1. Warranty/Guarantee

The projector’s lamp is guaranteed for over 20,000 hours, which is about 7 yrs. Of use. Each projector built by Wowoto has a 1-year warranty. The company also quickly deals with any questions or problems you have.


  1. Resolution/Brightness

The projector includes 1280×800 pixel resolution and brightness with 2000 lumens. This helps to ensure that the images the projector provides are clear and bright. The unit also supports 1080-pixel images and video, which is full HD. These features help to provide a better user experience.





Easy to use




Rating: 5/5 stars




#3 Epson Home Cinema

Here’s another projector if you’re looking for the best home theater projector under 400. It’s from Epson, which is best known for its computer printers. The company also manufacturers several other electronics product including projectors. It provides many features including 3000 lumens and inputs like HDMI. Here are some of the top features:


  1. Warranty

The projector includes a 2-year limited warranty. The lamp will last for up to 10,000 hours in the Eco mode and a maximum of 5000 hours in Normal mode.


  1. Brightness

The brightness of a projector is one of the main factors to consider and especially when you plan to use the unit in a dark area either indoors or outdoors. This Epson projector produces 3000 lumens for white/color light so it won’t be a problem. This is certainly one of the top features of the unit.


  1. Inputs

This projector includes several types of inputs including HDMI, RCA, VGA, and USB. This provides more versatility and makes it easier to use the projector with a wide range of devices.










Rating: 4.5/5 stars



#4 iCodis CB-400 Mini Projector

If you’re looking for the best projector under 400 dollars here’s a good option. It’s from iCodis. The projector includes a wide range of features. That includes 3000 lumens, HD resolution, built-in battery, and Android OS. These are tons of features that add value to this projector and make it one of the best options. Here are some of the top features of this projector:


  1. Built-in battery

The projector also includes a high-capacity battery. The unit provides over 2 hours of play-time. This is definitely a plus. It’s not quite enough juice for some movies and sports events. However, it’s definitely enough time for many applications. That’s what’s most important to consider.


  1. Android OS

Android is one of the world’s largest operating systems along with Apple’s iOS. The Smart Projector can access apps for Android and Apple smartphones. You can also use various streaming apps for video content. That includes Netflix, YouTube, Airplay, and others. This is a plus because it gives you’re the ability to access tons of content that you can show off to your friends and family using the projector. It’s always a plus when you can access more content for your projector.


  1. Inputs

This projector uses a wide array of different ports including HDMI, USB, Android TV, and others. You can also connect the projector with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and PC. This provides you with a wide variety of sources for content to project indoors/outdoors. This is definitely a plus for your projector.


  1. Image

The project offers a clear/bright image. This is a plus in terms of the quality of the image that’s provided. In fact it provides a much clearer and crisper image than LCD projectors. In fact, the projector’s images are even clearer than many HD projectors on the market. This shows that it’s definitely an option worth considering. Clear images are important to you, right?


  1. Keystone Correction/3D playback

These are key features of the projector and help to add more functionality. It allows excellent 3D playback and helps to provide some of the best 3D playback in the industry. This is important because 3D content is becoming more prevalent. If you’re going to project such content it’s important that the quality is top-notch. That’s possible when you use this project over others on the market.


  1. Brightness

The projector includes 3000 lumens so brightness likely won’ be an issue when using the unit. This is a plus and especially when using it in areas with low-level light. In that it’s especially important for the unit to work effectively and that’s possible when there’s enough light provided by the unit.











Rating: 4/5 stars




#5 UO Smart Beam Laser Portable Mini Projector

Here’s a quality projector under $400 from UO. It includes the following features:


  1. Projection

The projector produces images from 20-inches to 150-inches. This provides enough range for many applications and is effective for many indoor/outdoor uses. It’s important to consider the screen you’ll be projecting images onto before selecting this unit.


  1. Brightness

The projector provides a maximum of 100 lumens. This figure isn’t very high but in certain situations it’s enough brightness. Make sure to consider where you’ll be using the projector. If there’s enough light in the area then the unit would be effective for that situation.


  1. Resolution

You can input resolution up to 4K or UHD. This is a plus since it can produce super-clear images on screens. It’s an important issue because HD and UHD content is becoming more popular today and used with various devices like projectors.


  1. Battery

This unit includes a built-in lithium battery with 42000mAh. This is a plus since it provides enough juice for the projector in most situations. The battery life is 2 hours and takes 4 hours for a full charge. This might be an issue for playing long movies or watching sporting events. So it’s an issue to consider when deciding whether or not to go with this projector.


  1. Speaker

There’s a built-in speaker. You can also use an external speaker but only if the devices you use are Bluetooth-friendly. If that’s the case then it won’t be a problem using the speakers. However, if you’re using Wi-Fi then it would be an issue. So this is certainly a factor to consider when shopping around.







Not iOS-friendly


Rating: 3.5/5 stars



What’s the best projector under 400? There are tons of options in this price range but it’s important to know how to sort through different models of projectors in order to choose wisely. These are some of the best options when searching for your next project.



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