Best Projector Under 1500

Are you looking for a high-end projector? If so then you should consider the best projector under 1500. These projectors have a higher price tag than many on the market. However, they also offer better overall quality and tons of features. Here are some of the options to consider:


#1 Epson Home Cinema 3700

Here’s one of the best 1080p projector under 1500. Epson is a Japanese electronics company that was founded in 1942. It’s become world-famous for its computer printers but also manufactures other electronics like projectors. This unit is a fully high definition (HD) 1080-pixel home theater projector. It’s a bit pricey between the $1000 and $1500 range but includes tons of features including the following ones:


  1. HD

The projector offers full high definition (HD) at 1080-pixels. It also provides wide-screen 3D performance. The unit offers images up to 300-inches. HD, UHD, and 3D are some of the biggest trends in image quality so it’s definitely a plus that this unit offers support for high-end resolution. It provides better a better viewing experience for your friends and family who visit your home.


  1. Image Enhancement Tech

This includes super-resolution and Detail Enhancement. This helps to sharpen and fine-tune images for improved clarity/smoothness. This is one of the key features of the unit and is one that makes the unit worth considering.


  1. Installation/Setup

Epson’s projector includes easy installation and setup so you can save time and effort when using the unit after purchase. This is a plus so you can free up time for other priorities you have. If you’re like other people you’re busy with your daily routine so you won’t want to spend a ton of time operating a projector.


  1. Contrast

The projector includes a dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000:1. This provides details in dark scenes of movies/TV shows. When picking a projector the resolution, contrast, and brightness are all important in order to produce a better viewing experience for the audience.


  1. Applications

The Epson projector can be used for a wide array of different applications including TV shows, movies, games, etc. This provides you with many options in terms of the unit’s use. For example, you might want to show a movie indoors or sports event outdoors.


  1. Brightness

This is one of the top features of this Epson projector. This makes it ideal for several lighting conditions. The unit has a color/white brightness of 3,000 lumens. This is quite high in terms of industry standards. When using a projector it’s important to have sufficient light in order to provide the best results.



Home use







Rating: 4.5/5 stars



#2 Barco CSE-200

Barco is a display hardware/software manufacturer of various products like laser and video projectors. The company was founded in 1934 and is headquartered in Belgium and racked up sales of 1.1 billion Euros in 2016. Here are some of the main features of this projector:


  1. Connections

The projector provides 16 simultaneous connections and 2 simultaneous source son screen.


  1. Security

This Barco projector includes enhanced security features. It’s one of the most important issues today when purchasing electronics and especially online units. Beefed-up security helps to protect the unit from hack attacks and malicious software. This in turn will protect content stored by the projector.


  1. Devices

The projector can share content from various devices including laptop, smartphone, and tablet. This offers more options since you can use a wide array of different devices.


  1. Wireless

The unit includes wireless connection to a central screen. This is a major plus since you won’t have to deal with a lot of wires, which can result in a bird’s nest.










Rating: 3/5 stars



#3 Optsoma GT5500+

Here’s another option if you’re searching for the -best home theater projector under 1500. This company is a subsidiary of Coretronic Corp. and was founded in 2002. The company produces a wide variety of audio/visual solutions including projectors. Here are some of the top features of this projector:


  1. Image Quality

This projector supports full HD at 1080 pixels. It also includes 3500 lumens and contrast ratio of 25,000. All of these features help to improve the overall quality of the image, which is critical when picking a high-end projector.


  1. Image Size

The projector produces a large 100-inch image from under 13 inches away from a screen/wall. This image size is enough for most applications. It’s certainly one of the most critical issues when picking a projector and especially one in the under-$1500 range.


  1. 3D Glasses

The projector also includes a 3D Sync Port. This provides more depth when using RF 3D glasses, which helps to reduce eye fatigue. This can be a common problem when using projectors. You’ll certainly want to reduce eye strain and especially when using the product for several hours.


  1. Inputs

You can use a wide range of inputs with this projector including Audio, VGA, HDMI, and others. This is one of the most important issues today because it’s related to the types of devices you can use when operating the projector. You’ll certainly want to use a wide range of different devices and that’s definitely possible with this particular unit.


  1. Applications

The Optoma projector can be used for a wide variety of applications including Blu-ray movies, TV shows, sporting events, gaming, etc. this allows you to use one projector for a wide range of applications so you won’t have to purchase multiple projectors. Due to the high value the projector provides it’s a good buy.






Remote Control

HDMI ports


Rating: 3.5/5 stars



#4 LG Electronics HF80JA Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

Here’s another option if you’re searching for the -best projector under 1500 dollars. One of the main features of this particular unit is it’s a 2017 model. This helps to guarantee that you have one of the latest projectors on the market. This is important if you’re looking for some of the latest features in the industry.  The LG Corporation is a conglomerate that’s headquartered in South Korea. The company was founded in 1947 so it’s been  manufacturing products for several decades. Here are some of the top features of the projector:


  1. Laser projection

The product uses laser projection so it produces high-end projection and is definitely one of the best options if you’re looking for a high-end projector.


  1. Image

The projector produces full high definition (HD) images at 1920×1080 and a maximum of 2000 lumens. This helps to ensure that the image includes enough brightness and clarity. That’s definitely one of the main issues to consider when picking a projector. HD/UHD content is the trend today and more content providers are producing content in HD. This provides a better viewing experience for customers so it’s definitely one of the top features to look for when picking a projector.


The brightness is also an important issue when selecting a projector. It helps to ensure that there’s enough ambient light whether you’re using the projector indoors or outdoors. This is another key feature of this project. There are times when you’ll want to show a movie indoors or sports event outdoors. Both situations can include low-light environments so it’s critical to select a projector that offers enough brightness. That in turn will provide a better viewing experience for your friends and family watching the content you project.


  1. Bluetooth

The projector also includes Bluetooth sound-out. So if you have a Bluetooth speaker it can be compatible with this projector. Sound is definitely one of the most important factors when using projector and the LG unit is no different. This is why you should definitely consider this unit if you’re in the market for a projector that produces excellent images/audio. It’s even a good idea to consider purchasing a new Bluetooth speaker so you can use it with the projector.


  1. Image

The image produced by the projector can be a maximum 120-inches. This is large enough for many of today’s screens. It’s important to get the dimensions of your home’s screen(s) so you can determine if it can support this maximum image size. If not then you might want to consider purchasing a new screen so it fully supports the project. Whether you use the projector indoors or outdoors it’s definitely an important issue to take up.


  1. Wireless Connection

The LG projector also includes wireless screen share. This is for laptops and android devices. This feature is helpful when you want to share the screen’s content with people using various devices. It’s certainly one of the main features of the projector. Many of today’s customers are looking for projectors with wireless connectivity. This is in line with it becoming one of the most popular features for devices. If you own a laptop or Android phone/tablet you’ll be able to enjoy this feature.



These are some of the top options if you’re searching for the best projector under 1500. Even though the models are a bit pricey they offer

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