Having to take care of your environment is one way to keep you from getting sick. Realizing the importance of a healthy surrounding optimizes the wellness of the people that is living in it and to maintain the cleanliness, of course, you will need to look for an alternative to make sure that everything is kept tidy and at least free from formation of dirt. The windows are the perfect piece to be seen by your neighbors and passersby which somehow would take a good look at your window. Would it be nicer to hear compliments like “your windows are so clean and beautiful” and “what did you use to have very clear and clean windows?”

Did you know that whatever reflects your window can be the first impression to people who are visiting you? Windows signifies a perfect opportunity for those who are seeking a great endeavor in their lives and to maintain its clear, unscratched, clean window has products that will do the job for you. However, investing in a window cleaner product may be a little risky especially if you do not have any idea what type of product should you buy and the question remains as “will the window cleaner product enable to maintain the beauty of your windows?” Here are the following tips and tricks on how you’re going to clean your windows in a cost-effective way.

  1. Cleaning the window using a chemical solution.

What will you need? two clean clothes, a bucket filled with water, window cleaner of your choice, a rubber blade and a sponge.

How to start cleaning? Begin with a damped sponge by cleaning the inside and outdoor windows. While doing so, clean the sponge as well in between to avoid transfer of dirt from the previous area of the window. After dumping the windows, the next step involves the use of a chemical solution and the blade. Spray the solution onto the window and gently use the rubber blade by sliding it precisely leaving no trails. Tip: use the cloth in wiping any running water until it is dry and well-polished. If in case it is made out of the woodwork, keep in mind that you’ll have to open and clean it separately.

  1. Cleaning the window using naturally made solutions.

Although the cleaning process is the same, the only difference is that it is not chemical base solutions but it is more on the organic side or the use of domestic preparations. For example, the use of a liquid dishwashing soap and vinegar and mix altogether thus put it in a bottle. Then use it to spray on the dirty windows and a piece of cloth. However, because everything is based now on technology and protecting your surroundings is important. So, instead of using spare clothes, the use of a microfiber cloth is much advisable and it does not need any window cleaner solutions to clean up your windows as well. The good thing about using a microfiber cloth is that it easily absorb water and dirt without having to waste so much time.