The role of a makeup artists is very significant especially on events that you will be attending whether it is a formal occasion or a casual invitation but yet you’d still want to look the best you want to be. Of course, the main function of a makeup artist is to make you feel good and above all giving you a kind of makeup that is long lasting throughout the event and capture the eyes of the many. However, looking for the right makeup artist may consume your time and this would lead you to do your own makeup. Keep in mind that if you are a beginner and you do not have any idea where to start with makeup tools and products, perhaps considering for a tutorial in getting to know all the makeup tools such as brushes, sponges and the products as well.

For novice makeup artist.

As an aspiring artist, you do not only settle for less, you will need to learn and relearn things before you can truly master the art of doing makeup. Let’s say, for example, aiming for a perfect wing eyeliner. Now, not everyone can have that perfect wing eyeliner if you are not practicing. Apart of all these, you will need to invest in makeup tools and products for you to begin practicing your skills. Another key factor is to enroll yourself in a makeup school or simply the most viral trend these days is to just simply watch it on Youtube wherein there are so many makeup guru vloggers sharing their techniques and skills for you to learn.

Utilizing your makeup tools and beauty products is fun, exciting, relaxing and most of all it makes you saves your money too. Looking like a pro may take time, but here are the following makeup tips and tricks that you can do and find interesting as well.

  1. Fully matte factor- apply any lipstick on your lips thus blotting it with a use of a dry tissue and add a small amount of blush powder on top until the lipstick turns matte. This is a great way for you to test the texture of the product.
  2. Mix and match- making a tinted moisturizer is easy by mixing your daily moisturizing cream with your foundation. This is a good mix of texture if you want a sheer glow of coverage and the best of all is that it also moisturizes your face while having your makeup
  3. Utilizing mascara for eyes- did you know that the use of a mascara can be utilized as a double eyeliner? By just smudging the wand of the mascara onto your hand and with a use of an eyeliner brush to lash the line.
  4. Brow lift- this is one of the controversial parts of doing your makeup because your brows must look “perfectly alike” however, that’s not always the case. To make it look appealing by highlighting the brows with a concealer and blend it with a brush. This will add shape and will surely lift brows as well.
  5. Cheeks- if you’re traveling and somehow you forgot to bring your brushes, a good peach lipstick will do the trick to add life to your cheeks.