In the past, people used to predict that cars would fly as early as the 2000’s. With the early 2000’s having passed by, it is safe to say that the average modern car is not flying yet. One thing that people in the past did not predict was self-driving cars. Self-driving vehicles were hugely hyped in 2016. And in 2017, the trend of self-autonomous vehicles is set to continue. Many major car manufacturers are already in the mid to late stages of developing semi-autonomous vehicles, or cars that can drive themselves in limited situations. You can expect these further technological developments in self-driving vehicles.

Refinement of car technologies

Self-driving cars will become smarter and better at driving with all the refinement in self-driving car technology. Currently, self-driving cars can only be safely used in limited settings, such as during test drives or non-busy roads. However, you can expect that to change this year because of the refinement of a lot of technologies that self-driving cars rely on. Cameras, voice recognition, object avoidance and many other technologies and software are already being vastly improved. And this is only the tip of the technological iceberg.

More legislation

Being such a new kind of technology there is currently not a lot of laws about self-driving cars. The current laws are relatively limited as to not cover the full scope of the applications of self-driving vehicles. If self-driving vehicles are to become popular in the coming years, then it is only to be expected that more laws will be put in place dealing with these kinds of situations. These laws will attempt to set the legalities and regulate the use of self-driving cars.

Wider adoption

More brands are expected to adopt a self-driving feature for many of their vehicles. Only a handful of car manufacturers in the past, such as Tesla, have been publicly known to be developing self-driving vehicles. In the coming year that is expected to change due to the fact that advancements in technology such as cameras and voice recognition software are set to improve artificial intelligence.

Integration into affordable cars

Most self-driving vehicles are currently integrated into high-end options. Tesla has got semi-autonomous self-driving vehicles for sale. However, these vehicles are few in number and are also prohibitively expensive for the average consumer. With developments in car technology, it is expected that these will become cheaper over time. This will allow the average consumer to purchase a car with some kind of smart self-driving feature.

In the near future, you can expect that you will not be driving yourself anymore. The tech trend that is going to change a lot of human behavior is going to be driverless cars. These kinds of cars are just a beginning for a lot of automation in many different aspects of human life. If driverless cars can be a real thing, why not automated planes or other modes of public transportation as well? The hype and popularity of news around self-driving cars are justifiably warranted due to the fact that it certainly has a huge impact on the lives of many people.