One kind of tech trend that will hit it big in 2017 is voice control and search. Improvements in both the hardware of many smart devices and the software for voice recognition will mean that there is an expected increase in the number of people that will regularly start using voice search on their smart devices. Google, Apple, and many other large tech companies are predicting that more people will adopt voice search in 2017 than any other year. This is mostly driven by the fact that there is also a wide adoption of smartphone technology in 2017 as well. And many smartphones come with inbuilt voice recognition software.

Many people use voice search simply because it is convenient. They do not have to put down what they are currently doing in order to type on their phone. They can simply speak out loud what kind of information that they are searching for and their phones will give them the relevant data that they need. They could simply have to say out loud into their device’s microphone to get any kind of search. For example, if they are driving there will be no need to take their hands off the wheel of their car. They will simply ask their phone the directions to their destinations, and their phone can even say the same information out loud back!

Voice recognition software has become so advanced that it recognizes other accents and languages as well. The software of these kinds of programs has become so fine tuned that people can speak in other languages and the software can give back information that is relevant to the query. Even languages that are spoken in a particular accent can be processed by the voice recognition software. These kinds of voice recognition programs are even able to understand contextual information, to get searchers the exact information that they are looking for.

Already, there has been a big shift in many industries due to the rise of voice search. In industries such as search engine optimization, many experts are already predicting a shift in tactics to accommodate voice search. The web is quickly becoming more voice search friendly in an effort to rank higher on search engines. This means that there is an expected change in the structure of the content of the various website. And this is all due to the increasing trend of people using voice search as part of their web browsing.

With voice search readily becoming adopted, many are ask if this is a precursor to conversational smartphones. Specifically, people are predicting that our devices will be able to talk back to us and hold almost natural sounding conversations with us. The development of voice search is seen by many experts and analysts to be a sign of the rise of intelligent computers. This is because being able to recognize and understand human speech is one of the bases of intelligent artificial minds. Only time will tell if voice search will truly contribute to the development of smarter computers.