Back in 2016, 3D printing was all the rage. However, all that hype quickly died down when it became apparent that the average person would not be able to afford the high price tag of these 3D printers. Not to mention, the complicated operations of these kinds of printers. In 2017, that is no true anymore! 3D printers are much cheaper and easier to use this year. And it is expected that it will become a trendy new device to own. And aside from being a popular piece of technology to have, a 3D printer could also be something that is really useful.

Prototype models of 3D printers have become refined over the past year. And early models of general consumer 3D printers are slowly being released. There are mainstream 3D printers that are being sold to the general public for as little as only a few hundred dollars. So this means that with all of the hype and novelty surrounding these kinds of printers, there is an expected huge demand for these kinds of technologies.

The cost of previous 3D printers was prohibitive to the average consumer. So the use of these kinds of 3D printers was limited to big business. With the cost going down a lot of people are excited to buy their first 3D printer. The average low-end model for a 3D printer can cost as little as only $200! In the past, a single 3D printer may cost someone tens of thousands of dollars. And the cost of the materials that are being used for 3D printing was also really expensive. New 3D printing materials, such as plastic resins and even wood have been developed to be low-cost alternatives to the common materials that are being used for 3D printers.

A lot of factors have contributed to the lowering of the costs of 3D printers. The first being that designs on earlier models of 3D printers has vastly been improved. Improved designs will mean easier mass manufacturing of the parts that are required for 3D printers. And this also applies to the materials that are needed to three-dimensionally print any model.

The applications for 3D printers are endless. This new tech trend could literally change the way humans mass manufacture goods. And this could easily put the power of industrial manufacturing directly in the hands of the consumer. Already, there have been new industries that are forming in the wake of the development and popularity of 3D printer. Model creators and artists are selling their work t people who are into 3D printing custom models.

Ultimately the cost of 3D printers going down is very advantageous in general to the future of this technology. If more people are adopting the use of 3D printers then there will be a higher amount of innovation in the 3D printing industry. And that will mean even cheaper models of printers that are being sold. The complexity of the 3D models that are being printed out is already set to improve in the coming years.