Virtual reality is a tech trend that is set to change the face of video gaming. The industry of modern computer gaming is a relatively new one, being only present in the past few decades. Despite being such a young industry, there have been huge strides in the development of the technology over the past few decades alone. As the trend in video gaming is towards more realistic graphics, it is natural that in order to bring a more realistic experience to gamers, there has been the development of virtual reality devices. These kinds of technological devices are designed to fully immerse gamers in a virtual world. Currently, most of these kinds of devices are limited to headsets which only immerse gamers in visual reality. However, with the advancements in gaming developing so fast, who knows where this technology could lead to?

There are currently not a lot of video game titles that are being developed for virtual reality, because of the newness of such technology. However, that is set to change in 2017. Virtual reality is fast becoming popular. And many gamers want to see new games being produced for virtual reality experiences. This huge demand for virtual reality games means that there is naturally a big push from the industry itself. A lot of video game companies are already being hyped to produce a lot of original video game titles for virtual reality devices.

Many technologies for virtual reality are already becoming cheaper. In the past, it used to be impossible for the average person to use virtual reality goggles because of the expense. These kinds of gaming devices were simply too expensive for the average gamer to purchase. However, with the release of cheaper virtual reality headsets such as the Samsung VR and Oculus Rift, there has been a shift towards cheaper virtual reality devices. Now, people are able to readily purchase virtual reality devices. And since these kinds of devices are easily within reach for a lot of gamers, many more game developers are expected to produce games for the virtual reality platform.

In the past year alone there was a huge surge in the popularity of augmented reality games. Games like Pokemon Go are simply other forms of virtual reality games. Except in the case of augmented reality games, the game itself is brought into the physical world rather than the gamer being brought into a virtual one. Despite those differences, augmented reality games are still every bit as immersive other kinds of virtual reality games. And judging from the popularity of these games, they are as fun as well.

Major game developers such as Sony and Microsoft are already rumored to be developing their own patented virtual reality devices. No official announcements have been made yet, but many industry experts are saying that official virtual reality devices from these manufacturers can be out as early as late this year. Many gamers are already eagerly anticipating what these gaming giants have up their sleeve, concerning virtual reality gaming devices.