The new era of upgrading computer windows has finally embarked through millions of users all over the world. Perhaps, you were one of the people who happened to update the latest and updated window which is the Windows 10. Not long ago, the first update was then made free for all users, however, granting that it is still a new software and application, some may have experienced a kind of glitches which leads to other users to not upgrade their windows to the latest version. However, this has changed up to the very present wherein the use of windows 10 is now a must.

The only difference today is that as you upgrade windows 7 or 8 to windows 10, its free upgrade has already ended. So, the question remains as will you upgrade to windows 10? Will it bring you any good? Is there a difference between using the older version of the hardware and software? These will be tackled further as you continually read the article.

The free update of the latest windows 10 version has ended last July 29 of 2016, exactly the same date as it was first released to the public but you are still given the opportunity to upgrade it your OS by having to purchase windows 10 and also the Pro version. The reason for the ending the free update so that users will be prompt to upgrade because Microsoft will no longer support the Windows vista. However, Microsoft has kept a good deal for users to be assisted with the new technology since the update brings good improvement to certain areas. So, this means not until it has reached to its Anniversary day, you are can still upgrade your windows to the latest version.

Benefits of downloading the latest Windows 10 version.

Keep in mind that as you have updated your OS, you will also benefit from the creators of the software which will be released this spring of 2017. As there will be new features and of course, improvement as the system is upgraded and if you are not sure if now is the right time for you to invest for an upgrade perhaps doing more research will help you in your decision making. However, if you have finally pursued your decision in upgrading your computer, you will have to extract and upgrade the new Windows 10 by using a product key. So, this means that you will have to, later on, install the new windows version.

Having to stay on a downgrade version is your option and purchasing the latest version of Windows is another story of taking the advantage of using the newest trend of Microsoft. It is indeed hard to imagine that windows 8 will only remain and will be fondly remembered by everyone. The bottom line is that downgrading would affect the performance of your computer whereas having it updated will give you the opportunity to use longer your computer since it has special features which make Windows 10 special.