Did you know that there are two major media streaming in the market? if you are not aware of it these comprise of the Netflix and the Amazon Prime Video. However, if you are struggling as to which one are you going to choose between these two streaming applications, perhaps you’ll need to do more research with regards to which application is better to use.

In today’s modern life, video streaming has become a part of the activities of daily living and this means that TV schedules are no longer applied and it is not a choice anymore. If you are new to getting savvy with technology and its latest trends, video streaming has indeed changed so many lives. Having to decide which type of streaming should you choose is really up to your choices. However, before you’re going to commit yourself in deciding which is best for you, definitely you’ll need to check it out first with other people’s opinion about Netflix versus Amazon prime video. Reading about its reviews, the budget, gadgets that are made compatible with the application, the content and the offline viewing will surely help you weigh your options and decide which is best for you.

In comparison with pricing, both the Netflix and the Amazon prime video offers all new subscribers to a 30-day trial. So, in this case, you can try both and determine in the end which is better for you to use. As soon as your thirty-day trial has ended, this is where you will decide what streaming application should you choose. Comparing both with prices, according to reports the Amazon prime video appears to be more affordable compared to purchasing of Netflix. You can search for the pricing at their official websites for you to distinguish which works out best for you. Most likely, you will see subscriptions such as availing monthly and this depends on which billing should you choose. Another benefit that you can get on both streaming videos is that you can stream videos using two devices at the same time.

Streaming videos features. Keep in mind that both streaming videos are requiring you to pay your monthly subscription bill for you to experience unlimited services such as TV shows and movies. Most of these are simply accessible to the use of internet and can be viewed on game consoles, SMART TVs, desktop computers, mobile, laptop and everything else are regularly updated. The good thing now is that you can also watch via offline. However, it has limitations as well because not all of its content are available to download. If you want to be connected with any updates, it would be best for you to go to its corresponding websites for you to check the availability of the streaming video applications.

In conclusion, since both have almost the same features and subscription benefits, but the most used streaming videos by most people are the Amazon prime video because it is cheaper in comparison to Netflix. Furthermore, it is always your option as to which one should you be subscribing. You can do both if you have extra money to do so.