Pylons FAQ

Tips For Asking Questions

What kind of issues can I ask questions about on PylonsHQ?

Pylons HQ is for enthusiast and professional and programmers, individuals who write code due to the fact that they love it. We are of the feeling that the best Pylons HQ questions contain a little bit of source code in them, however, if your question generally deals with…

  • A software algorithm, or
  • A specific programming problem or
  • Software tools popularly employed by programmers and is
  • A practical, answerable issue that is specific to software development

then you are in the correct place to have answers to the questions you want to ask!

Please verify to check out if your question has been previously asked. It is OK to ask and provide an answer to your own question as well. Questions which are incomplete, too broad, essentially opinion-based or unclear might be put on the back burner by the community until they are vetoed.

Some questions are off our scope, even if they match one of the types listed above:
  • Questions concerning debugging assistance (“why isn’t this code functioning well?”) must include a certain error or problem, the shortest code required to reproduce it in the question itself, the desired behavior. Questions that don’t have a clear problem statement are not of help to the other readers.
  • Questions concerning an issue that was as a result of a basic typographical error or that can no longer be reproduced. While the same questions might be on-topic here, these are most times resolved in a way that they are unlikely to assist future readers. This can most times be prevented by identifying and inspecting closely the shortest program required to reproduce the issue before posting.
  • Questions asking for homework assistance have to include a summary of the work you have carried out so far to provide a solution to the problem, and a description of the hardship you are having in the process of solving it.
  • Questions requesting us to recommend or locate a tutorial, tool, other off-site resources, book or software library are off-topic for Pylons HQ as they seem to entice opinionated spam and answers. Instead, describe the issue and what has been carried out so far in a bid to solve it.
  • Questions concerning general computing software and hardware are off-topic for Pylons HQ unless they involve tools employed essentially for programming directly.
  • Questions relating to networking, related infrastructure administration, or professional server are off-topic for Pylons HQ unless they involve programming tools or programming directly.

What kind of questions am I not allowed to ask?

First, ensure that your question is on-topic when it comes to this site.

You should ask answerable, practical questions only depending on real issues that you encounter. Open-ended, chatty questions limit the usefulness of our site in addition to pushing other questions from the front page.

Your questions have to be scoped reasonably. If you could imagine a complete book that provides answers to your question, you are requesting for too much.

If the motive for asking the question is that “I would like to take part in a debate about……”, then you should not be asking the question here. But, if the motive for asking the question is “I would like an explanation on……..”, then you’re most likely fine.