In this day and age, the number of amazing marketing leaders is less than the demand for it. No matter what they are hired for, whether it is for analytical, quantitative or technical, the demand for it never seems to reduce and that is to be expected in the next several decades. They will always be in demand. And like many executives in a company, some of you might be wondering why you can never seem to hire a good marketing professional. Even you can’t get your hands on the best marketing people, often labeled by the average population as the unicorns. But it doesn’t have to remain this way all the time. All you need is take a look at your recruiting practices again and treat it like marketing and sales initiative is done.

You also want to check out the following mistakes that are commonly committed by executives.

Describing the individual that you are looking for.

Rather than describe how they got their degree, what their career is and what their age is, do this instead: there is a limit to the picture of what a particular candidate is. It is best that you let the entire hiring team get a consensus what good really is to them. This way, the entire team will get a clearer picture of who they are going to hire.

Post the job and wait for it.

This is like waiting for the gold to drop on your lap. Rather than be idle, go out, scout and then sell it.

Writing a long yet very boring specification and then search for someone that matches most of the requirements.

Change this kind of practice and do this: create a job description like you are treating it as a marketing document. You need to show out what this new leader is going to learn and what they will become when they are hired in the job. Show what is really cool about the role they are going to partake.

Telling the culture in a very cliche, bland way.

How you are going to do this is by turning it into something fun. This way, it will keep the candidates entertained and even imagine themselves that they are fully immersed in it.

You start right away in interviewing people.

Before you start anything like this, start with conducting a couple of market research based on your target market. You can’t just go to a market with the product without going through some tests first. You have to reflect on why you would start selling for a job when you have no initial feedback from your market.

Relying only on interviews as the only method of evaluation.

Do notice that interviews are not as predictive as you see them be. You should build up a realistic interview instead. Ask the candidates to display the work that they are very proud of. This will give them the chance to test out the job that they are going to take in.