Webhelpers Library – The toolbox for web developers

The Webhelpers library came into existence just as the creators of pylons made available on their applications a great number of migrated functions from Rails. The functions migrated include those that found it is easy to deal with certain functions and process the output into pages by only a few lines of python code. An example of the assignments the functions deal with include conversion of numbers to comprehensive form for humans, HTML forms, HTML tags and RSS feeds.

Exchangeable Components

Some of the benefits of an open source web application frameworks include;

  • Utilizing the web framework with different template languages
  • Utilizing with various database toolkits

Pylons is an open source web framework under the BSD license just as Django, Zend Framework, and PRADO. The configuration of the components has already been considered just so new users could get started as soon as possible.

Views, Separated models, and Controllers.

The separation of your database schema (the models), your application code (the controllers) and the HTML templates (the views) in Pylons is made possible without considering other Python modules.

A Web Framework – What is it?

Pylons, just like any other web framework, is a compilation of various components designed to support the development of web applications, web services, and web APIS. Among the components, include other programs, scripting languages or code libraries. The written application run inside the context of the web framework. The development of web application is a function of certain needs. They include the following:

  • The need for a development that reads parameter sent via HTTP forms and communicates in HTTP and directs web pages to your browser
  • The need for a development that maintains cookie-based sessions and deals with user accounts
  • The need of a development that easily maps URLs to sections of your application
  • The need of a development that stores information in a database and gets it back
  • The need of a development that contains the logic of your application and prints HTML tags

The above necessity could be either by one’s self or by just meeting the needs of clients. If you have written a web application as simple as “Hello World”. It shows the listed needs above are directly from you. There is certainty that you printed the statement to create HTML and was not concerned about the templating system, probably because of its complex form. Certain programs become less maintainable because of the lack of good concept and many program developers tend to forget that programs tend to grow. The lack of conceptual skills in your program development often leads to one having a number of programs with similar output HTML pages. The easy way will be the grouping of common parts in a module and utilize it in the various programs. The most important fact to hold on to is the creation of solutions for typical tasks similar to web applications.

Many developers have been able to put their spare time to creating Python modules that solve everyday problems. For example, Mako is a templating system Python package that assists in the creation of HTML output. The use of Mako syntax helps in creating a template file that contains your HTML page.

The Mako module is one out of many that are available. They help the programmer’s workflow by making things easier. It is very much advised to employ them in developing your web applications rather than manually going through the boring tasks when it has already been done for you. Pylons is a web framework that brings several modules under one roof.