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Recent Blog Posting

We are satisfied to have the final version released, Pylon 1.0, just 4 months before the initial Pylon 1.0 beta was launched, To facilitate the move for those migrating, Pylons 0.10 has also been released.

Since its introduction in 2005, Pylons has undergone quite a journey as it has witnessed several changes in the models used in Pylons. With the release of the Pylons book, Pylon has seen increased use and an ever growing community.

There have been two discussions in the current year’s PyCon focused on the scaling of Python web applications, and both of them were operated using Pylons. High transaction value sites, operated using Pylon, were used to process millions of dollars in charter flights, a large number of site pages were served on pylon driven sites, and we also witnessed the release of TurboGear 2, which was also based on Python.


New Developments?

The greater part of the changes since the 0.9.7 release has been applied through different packages Pylon needs, due to its little size. Various updates have also been released for SQLAlchemy, Routes, and Webhelpers and because of this, a lot of updates have been released through Pylons, but not a lot for Pylons itself.

Pylons 1.0 at long last releases all the legacy handlers from the 0.9 series, reducing the codebase from 1300 to 1080 lines of codes as very few frameworks actually shed codes amongst releases and it would be better if we could keep Pylons small for future updates since we’ve greatly reduced the codebase for practically every release of Pylons before the 0.8 series.


Here are some quick points of the changelogs from all the depending factors, since the full version is a little wordy.

  • Routes Changelog
  • Webhelpers Changelog
  • Pylons Changelog
  • Beaker Changelog

We appreciate the considerable number of benefactors who helped us during development as well as the Pylons HQ community for its amazing support.


Pylons Training Classes Available

If you’re in search for more help from Pylons for your group or organization, you would be pleased to know that Pylons HQ now offers a Pylons training class which is available at our offices in London, or on –site training can be set up for interested clients.



There have been quite a lot of updates for Beaker, Routes, and WebHelpers through the term of Pylons 0.9.7 so nobody ought to believe that the developers working on Pylons and other related parts have been doing so in vain.

About one year ago, when Pylons 0.9.7 was released on the 23rd of February, 2009:

  • SQLAlchemy has gone from 0.4 to 0.5 (with 0.6 in beta)
  • WebHelpers is currently at 1.0b4 with real updates, main functions revised and a lot of new docs set up
  • Routes 1.11 was released, and 1.12 will be out shortly with some incredible updates
  • Beaker has gone from 1.2.2 to 1.5 with 3 noteworthy updates significantly expanding its convenience and unwavering quality