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There are various ways through which you can contribute to the Pylons HQ community, from just giving advice to other Pylons HQ users to maintaining core packages. Please join in.

General Technical Questions

We respond to questions about how to make use of Pylons, feel free to consult the most popular questions we have been getting from people and ask your own!

Feel free to get in touch with us through any means below:

Technical assistance

If you need assistance with Pylons or Pylons HQ, our support team can be of help. Simply email

If you need to report a bug, documentation issue or feature request in Pylons, use the ticket tracker.

If you need to report an issue with this website, please send an email to

If you have questions regarding how to use Pylons, make use of the pylons-users mailing list.

Web feedback

If you have corrections or suggestions about, email us at or

Blog Outreach

For blog-related enquiries, send us an email at

Sales enquiries

Please contact Pylons HQ if you would like to talk about training, support or technical consulting. Send us an email to

Press enquiries

Analysts or journalists seeking press information should send an email to Unfortunately, we cannot respond to non-analyst or non-media enquiries.

Legal enquiries

Please note that we do not offer legal advice. For any other types of queries, please get in touch with us on

Trademark enquiries

For a Pylons HQ trademark, or for any other trademark enquiries, please submit an enquiry. One of our trademarks team will contact you shortly.

Pylons HQ address

If you need to talk to someone right away, you can call or write to Pylons HQ. The London office is a great place to start.

Pylons HQ

8th Floor, Sergeant Building

150 Northwark Road

SE12 5KU

London, United Kingdom

Main switchboard number: +44 208 775 1100

Main fax number: +44 208 775 1101

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the means through which the Pylons HQ team gets a majority of their work done, feel free to email us.

The Pylons HQ Gen mailing list is for design-related discussions.

The Pylons HQ Dev mailing list is for technical discussions and implementation questions.

We endeavour to respond to every enquiry as quickly as possible. Select a contact channel and we’ll ensure that we direct you to the right person.